2011 December 23

TUAW Best of 2011: 360 Panorama and iMovie

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The votes are tallied for the best iPhone photography and video apps, and the winners have been named. 360 Panorama from Occipital pulled in over a third of the votes (36.8 percent) for take the Best iPhone Photography App award for 2011, while Apple’s iMovie grabbed the title for Best iPhone Video App of 2011 with 48.4 percent of reader votes.

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Managing 12,000 iPads: SAP CIO shares lessons learned

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SAP’s CIO Oliver Bussmann has a singularly interesting point of view on using the iPads in a business environment: He oversaw the implementation of iPads at SAP, which was an early adopter of using Apple’s tablet in a full-scale company. He recently talked with the folks at InfoWorld , and says that going about the process open-mindedly was the best way to do it. SAP figured, right when the iPad was announced, that its employees would be using them anyway, so the company took a very ad hoc approach to supporting them in the workplace, building on what its employees did with iPads rather than trying to structure actual work functions around them.

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