52 Superb Free Icon Sets For Mac

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If you own a Mac, you probably know that the software on these machines is often stunningly well designed, and in particular Mac icons are renowned for being gorgeous, or even ‘lickable’ to borrow the words of Jobs.

These beautiful icons are made not only by Apple designers, but by designers from around the world, and due to the ease of replacing icons, your Mac experience can be very customizable. Icons don’t have to be for replacing current App icons, they are used everywhere in design to get the best user experience and we hope you enjoy this collection and that you find many ways to express yourself with these wicked icons.

Some of these icon sets do not permit comercial use and others may require a link back to the site, always read each set’s conditions before use


Apple Armada

This comprehensive icon set with 12 beautiful icons cover a vast range of Apple hardware and in multiple colours with pixel perfection. Great for adding some vitality to your work.

Apple LED Display

This stunningly detailed LED Display comes in a variety of sizes, perfect for any personal project that needs some style

Bee Mac

This cute icon set has a great contrast from the original Macintosh to the new iMac. An absolute must for anyone who remembers the game changer it was (or anyone who values totally awesome design).

Front Row

These 4 icons are fantastically well designed and to such a level of detail that they would look great anywhere. They could be your replacement for iTunes or anything to do with media you are covered here.

iMac generations 2

Cute little icons of the iMac generations that would fit on anyone’s screen.

Magnus Opus

The last in our hardware section is a great and vintage collection of 270 Apple hardware icons. If you need an icon of an Apple product its almost certainly going to be in here. Need the Lisa? It’s there. Want to show you’ve got a Newton? It’s there. It’s an uber large set of delicious Apple icons.


Christmas Magic

These wonderfully designed 12 festive icons will get you ready for Christmas. They can spice up your computer and sprinkle a bit of magic over your desktop.

Clash of the Titans

Based on the original film, these 4 icons appeal to only the purest souls. With stunning designs like this, how could you not want these on your computer