2010 September 07

TUAW’s Daily App: Texto SMS Favorites

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There are a lot of weird texting applications for the iPhone, and some of them are pretty hinky in terms of design or function. But Texto is probably the best looking SMS app I’ve seen — it doesn’t do any weird non-SMS text messaging or have all kinds of neon graphics running around.

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Apple photoshops iPhone into iPod touch

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The careful readers at Engadget have noticed that Apple cut a few corners (so to speak) on its website documentation for the latest iPod touch. There’s no ear speaker or phone service on the device, obviously, but nevertheless Apple’s iPod touch display units show that the Phone app is still sitting down there in the lower left corner. Searching in Spotlight, according to another screenshot, will bring up the text messaging app, and there’s one more little mistake (look in the Travel folder to see if you can spot it)

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