2010 September 06

Cool mod: iPhone as digital microscope

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Here’s a great and super-simple mod that turns an iPhone 4 into a portable digital microscope . Using an inexpensive microscope found on Amazon (seven bucks as of this writing), an iPhone case and some superglue, this user has hacked together a stable, portable digital microscope that also takes pictures.

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iHome reveals first AirPlay wireless speaker system

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iHome , makers of iPhone and iPod accessories, is the first to announce an AirPlay compatible wireless speaker system . So far, the details are slim, but what we do know is that it will incorporate Apple’s new AirPlay technology, have a rechargeable battery, and be available for the holiday season! In related news, Apple’s official AirPlay website reveals a lineup of other featured partners who are incorporating the AirPlay technology. JBL, Marantz, B&W, and Denon have also signed up, but as of yet, no further information is available

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