2010 September 04

Looking forward to AirPlay

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As you may have heard, Apple had some sort of event on Wednesday . In amongst the Big News like iPods and iOSs and iTunes and iTVs Apple TVs, Steve Jobs briefly mentioned AirPlay , a replacement for the AirTunes music streaming system used in the Airport Express multi-purpose device. I’ve built my home audio solutions around AirTunes, so this was, for me, the most interesting thing Apple announced.

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Telltale releases Puzzle Agent on the iPhone, iPad

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Just an FYI before you start your Labor Day weekend (and any associated trips): Telltale Games has released its latest title, Puzzle Agent , for the iPhone and the iPad. The game got middling reviews on Metacritic , but I think that’s mostly because of the genre — if you’re a fan of sharp writing and interesting puzzles to play on the drive or flight out to the country for your vacation, it’s a worthwhile title to fill the time with.

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