2010 September 01

iPod touch outselling PSP and DS in games, not systems

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During this morning’s event, Steve Jobs tossed out the factoid that the iPod touch was trouncing traditional handheld gaming, claiming that the system had sold more than Nintendo and Sony’s portables combined. If, like us, you thought that meant Apple had sold more devices than traditional game makers, then Steve was wrong — he mentioned in the same event that Apple has shipped 120 million iOS devices , and while that’s very impressive, it’s not quite as big as the 125 million Nintendo DS systems the Japanese company had sold around the world as of January.

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Game Center coming in iOS 4.1, Epic Games working on Project Sword

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Steve Jobs just showed off some screenshots and functionality for Game Center, which will be officially releasing with iOS 4.1 next week. The official app will provide social networking features for App Store games, including friends lists, achievements, “auto matching” (the rest of the world calls that matchmaking), challenges and a host of other cross-platform features for gamers on Apple’s mobile platform. Jobs also invited a few gentlemen from Epic Games onstage to show off “Project Sword,” a gorgeous title running in the Unreal Engine inside iOS

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TUAW TV Live: The after-liveblog episode

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Today’s a special day for the Apple world , as we anxiously await word on what new products or services are forthcoming from the wizards of Cupertino. TUAW will be liveblogging the event at 1 PM EDT (10 AM PDT) today, and later this afternoon on TUAW TV Live , fellow TUAW editor Mike Rose will be joining me to discuss the announcements. As we do every week, we invite your comments, your questions, and your insights into what’s going on in the world of Apple

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